Posted by Andrew McNeice - July 1, 2010


Following White Sister's triumphant performances at Firefest in the last couple of years, news of a new album from the lads has generated a lot of talk. It's time for an update. Who better than to ask but the band's own Dennis Dries.

Dennis commented to me this week: "We talked about putting an album together of re-works, but honestly, everyone's just too busy with their lives to make time for it. Gary is working on his band (Fast Machine), Rick is quite busy and successful working as an Audio Engineer, and I have a full time job as well. We're regular guys with family, jobs…regular stuff! A lot of people think we make a living with White Sister, but it's just not the case…never was unfortunately.

As for new material, we talked about putting a couple of new songs in with the re-works.... I turned 21 while recording WS1! It still blows me away that people still talk about it, and are still discovering it after all these years…amazing…so maybe we shouldn't try to create that again, and just leave it alone?!!"

So what is Dennis working on right now? He answered that also: "For now I'm having fun recording songs that have been tucked away in a shoebox, and in my head…on a digital multi-tack I picked up on eBay! Some WS tunes, some Tattoo Rodeo, and some new stuff. I don't know where it's all going yet, but as long as I can still bark out a tune I'm gonna lay it down while I can!"

Dennis has been very kind to put his hand up to be included on an upcoming MelodicRock compilation. A first-take demo of a song called All Out Of Tears will appear on MRCD8 - The Ballads later in the year.

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